BNB Toolbox Scraper for Airbnb Chrome Extension

The BNB Toolbox Scraper for Airbnb Chrome Extension allows you to easily scrape Airbnb listings data with no code or technical knowledge. Scraping is just a term that means extract data from a website automatically. The extension allows you to download the data into a nicely formatted CSV file or Google Sheet organized by price, beds, bedrooms, baths, fees, rating, number of ratings, city, latitude/longitude and more. Here are the core features:

  • Automatically scrape unlimited listings from Airbnb (limited listings with the free version)
  • Download data into a nicely formatted CSV file or Google Sheets
  • No code or technical knowledge needed. It is very easy to use.

Continue reading to learn more.

After installing the Chrome Extension

You can find the extension in your browser by navigating to "chrome://extensions/" in the address bar of your browser.

To pin the extension for easy access, click on the puzzle icon at the top right, scroll down to the BNB Toolbox Scraper Extension, and click the pin button.

Start scraping

To begin scraping data off of Airbnb, navigate to the Airbnb website and search for a location, input check-in/out dates, and input number of guests. Click the search button and once you see the listing results, click on the BNB Toolbox Scraper extension icon at the top right:

The interface of the extension is extremely simple. There are only 3 buttons to all the functionality. You can "Scrape", "Clear Data", or "Download" the data.

To scrape, just click the "Scrape" button and the extension will automatically scroll and extract the listings on the page. You will see the information of the scraped listings in the popup like this:

For the premium version, you will be able to automatically scrape all 15 pages of the search results with one click. For the free version, you will have to manually navigate to each page to scrape the listings. In the premium version though, you will have the option to just scrape the current page and that is available as a toggle in the settings. You can see the settings by clicking the "gear" icon.

Download the scraped data

Once you've finished scraping, to download the data just click the "Download" button. Save the CSV file onto your computer in a directory that you choose. Or you can choose to save it to a Google Sheets files.

Scraping another location

To start scraping for more results but for another location, just clear the data by clicking the "Clear Data" button. That will remove all the presently scraped listings allowing you to start from scratch.


By scraping data from Airbnb's website, you are automating something that isn't meant to be automated. This extension is designed in a way to minimize spamming Airbnb's servers but there is always a risk of getting your IP address blocked which will prevent you from accessing the website. Please use it ethically. If you want to minimize this risk, you can use a VPN like NordVPN (aff. link) where rotating IP addresses manually can help.

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Please see BNB Toolbox Scraper's privacy policy and terms.